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to arms dealing and everything and u.s. officials saying hey, we got a touchdown on this. >> what's also interesting is it turns out that the white house knew about this. at least 16 days before the arrest, the president and his top officials were briefed on all of this and curiously, it was also many days before the russian president was coming to visit which would have been awkward had all this gone down at that moment. >> yeah. >> so yeah. >> that's from the one we showed you there, the hot red head that everybody has been so fascinated with. joe biden, the vice president was asked about her returning to russia last night on jay leno. here's what he had to say. >> now, this russian woman here. let me ask you something. and you would know this, mr. vice president. do we have any spies that hot? >> let me make it clear, it wasn't my idea to send her back. >> yeah, and you look at our poor spies like these grizzled old spies, funny and well played. >> in the meantime, more headlines for you and start with the fox news alert. we are following some violence in afghanistan this morning
that the u.s. will stay in afghanistan as long as it takes. >>> good day 75 of the gulf spoil. it will reach the floridacos and miami in the months ahead. a now report boit oceanic and atmospheric shows 80 percent chance that the oil pill will roach 20 moils in the weather tar balls. hundreds of skimming boats returned to the waters after the first hurricane of the season forced the clean up operations to stop. three suspected members of a russian spy ring remain behind ball. 10 minute busted in the suburbs of america accused of spying for the russian government. yesterday the virginia couple admitted to being russian citizens. they are pleading to have their children to be sent back to russia. >> happens gathered to pay tribute to senator robert byrd. longest serving senator in history. president obama remembered the late senator as a noble and unconventional man. >> the . like our nation itself . robert byrd possessed the american quality. that is a capacity to change. a capacity to learn and capacity to listen. >> senator byrd will be laid to rest on tuesday in arlington, virginia. those
on as we say. >> fox news alert for you. it is a deadly day for u.s. troops in afghanistan. four were kill would in - killed in a bombing. the deaths occurred where the international forces are stepping up the fight against the taliban. 52 americans were killed in afghanistan just this month. former top commander in afghanistan said goodbye to the army. family and friends paid tribute to his retirement ceremony. >> my career included amazing moments and memories. but it is the people i will remember. it was always about the people. it was about the soldiers who are well trained, but at the end of the day act out in faith for their leaders and each other. >> as you know, mcchrystal was ousted after makes disparaging comments about obama administration on the war in afghanistan. >> u.s. military chief mike mcmullin is in pakistan with concern over the troops. u.s. misils killed 16 suspected militants. intelligence officials say six missiles struck a compound near the afghan border just before dawn. >> contradicting reports about zsa zsa gabor's health. her husband said she is in critical con
nato forces. we know that one of the soldiers killed was an american. that u.s. born al qaeda linked cleric lalingedly forming the chris day day bombing . was add to the list. they cut off his bank accounts and financial support. he is thought to be in yemen. two state officials who created a list was 1300 illegal immigrants and mailed them around the state are on administrative leave. they worked for the department of work force services in utah. they accessed confidential documents on the list and investigation comes as utah governor plans to host a public immigration summit next week. the second of two televised debates before the arizona primary takes place next week. things got heated between john mccain and jd hayworth. >> in fact, i had to see the footwear john has on. he doesn't have flip flops. >> didn't you think that this was a group that was taking people's money to say they would get free money. that is not a conservative. >> good thing we are talking policy. >> they would find out their fate in less than two months. >> those are your headlines at this hour. >> working t
documents within weeks. his site received material including oil company bp and internal abuses in the u.s. military including sexual abuse. the huge publicity surrounding the release of stan tan documents is got the whistleblowers to come forward with his administration. the bum bull administration is anding wikileaks to refrain from posting afghan war records. wikileaks released 70,000 documents and claims to have 90,000. the administration said it puts informants and troops at risk and jeopardizes national security. >> dump out tens of thousands of documents, you know, intelligence services all over the world will be looking over them and see what they can glean in how terms of how we gain information and this can have a national security impact. >> pentagon investigation . afghan leak is focusing on army private manning who is a 22 year old army specialist releasing it to wikileaks. he moved to virginia where he will be held until his trial. >> clayton, back to you. >> thank you so much. >> and rest of the headlines, after praising the success of the restructured auto industry in detro
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5